5 Reasons to Use Hashtags on Social Media


Adopting a hashtag approach is critical if you want your content to reach as many people as possible (and isn’t that the whole idea of this social media thing?). On social media sites, hashtags are a strong tool for discovery. Notably, hashtags have the power to make or shatter your social media campaign. If you use them appropriately, your posts will be seen by more people.

  • Increase reach
    Many social media posts will most likely be visible to subscribers alone. However, this is not the case with hashtags. A person does not have to be a follower or subscriber to a page to encounter the hashtag. They only need to have a connection to anyone who uses the phrase. In this way, hashtags can enable nonprofits to reach out to audiences who are not subscribed to or familiar with their page.
  • Increase Visibility
    People often search for topics of interest on social media using keywords. Search engine optimization tools select content that is most relevant to the user. Therefore, using specific keywords will increase the chances of finding the content. As a result, hashtags can help the organization’s content be easily found by people with an interest in the subject. Search engine optimization tools will ensure that the nonprofit page or content emerges at the top of the list when a user types in the keywords used in a hashtag.
  • Prioritize your Hashtags improve engagement
    Hashtags have already developed a reputation for drawing the attention and curiosity of the public on social media. This is because they often focus on emerging trends and events. The phrases used in hashtags help to constrain discussions on the topic and avoid irrelevant conversations, consequently making engagement organized and facilitating a detailed debate on a narrow topic. Furthermore, it is possible to view reactions and further engage in debates with those who share a hashtag.
  • Building a brand

    Hashtags are often catchy, and this makes them draw huge interest and attention. In this way, the phrases create a buzz around the brand. This is especially true when it is widely shared by current users. Social media users will begin to search for keywords if the hashtag becomes popular. In this way, the technique will significantly increase awareness of the brand when the tag is associated with the nonprofit. The organization can take this opportunity to plan an excellent marketing campaign around the hashtag.
  • Creating Context
    Conventional social media posts can be unnecessarily long. However, this is not the case with hashtags. Twitter went ahead to limit the number of characters of words a user can post. In this way, it helped hashtags remain short, clear, and simple. There is no need to spend too much space communicating the same idea with a lot of repetitions. The restriction on length influences an organization to use every character to add context to their post. In this way, the hashtag becomes relevant and interesting to the specific audience that the nonprofit is targeting. At a glance, it becomes easy to know what the post is all about.