Missions we support

At Digital Storytelling Africa, we work with an unlimited range of clients including educators, legal experts, NGOs, civil societies, and philanthropists. We do not discriminate about the specialization or size of our client as long as their activities are meant to create positive change in the community. Our focus is on supporting them in achieving their mission. No mission is too small for us.

We believe that humans have a moral and religious responsibility to take care of animals, regardless of whether they are domestic or wild. We share this position with other animal lovers across the world. Thus, we are against any cruel treatment of animals. We work with other partners to encourage protection and humane farming or animal-keeping practices.

We are convinced that education imparts the knowledge and skills required to improve living standards and human rights today and in the future. We help partners to influence strong support and commitment to education from teachers, governments, students, parents, and mentors through key messaging communication, and marketing materials. We also do this by designing communication strategies that will be effective for provoking an intrinsic motivation to and for excellence in education.

Being around nature brings us a unique sense of satisfaction. We acknowledge the feelings of refreshment and pureness nature brings. The amazement that comes with an encounter of rare animal species and natural bodies like lakes, coral reefs, and mountain peaks is immense. For this reason, we help nonprofits and cause-based organizations by translating scientific findings and expertise into educational content that helps the larger global community understand our planet’s most pressing problems and giving communities the tools, they need to raise their voices and rally for broader protection and conservation efforts.

Grants from foundations are the lifeblood of nonprofit and social good ecosystems, enabling many organizations or institutions the ability to create a positive change in the world around them. Since grant recipients and Grantmakers both want to maximize their work, we work hand-in-hand with foundations of all sizes, and their grantees, to ensure investments made in good causes are as impactful as possible through smart, effective, and scalable digital marketing and advocacy programs.

We work with a wide range of stakeholders in the healthcare field. We intend to improve the patient–centered care and other quality aspects. We realize that a communication gap exists between healthcare professional and their patients together with caregivers. This is because of the use of technical terms and language. In this regard, we are committed to relaying medical information to patients and caregivers in a simple and actionable manner. In this regard, we expect to gain the collaboration and trust of the public with healthcare organizations and professionals by specifically resolving communication challenges.

Our organization is committed to collaborating with nonprofit and cause-based organizations to promote the values of human dignity, respect, fairness, justice, and equality. We intend to achieve this objective by balancing power and resources between the most powerful and weak majority members of the community. We recognize the potential of this strategy to appear as a radical. We create empathy and emotional support for the campaign.

We are committed to ensuring that humans not only live but do so under favorable circumstances. In this regard, we focus on ensuring that disadvantaged groups receive critical resources and resources. To achieve this, we work with various human service organizations to mobilize resources for the advantaged group and also provide guidance and consultation to help them liberate themselves.

For large multinational organizations, we realize the task of mobilizing funds is more complicated. This is mainly because of the high demand for resources to support their activities. For this reason, we challenge such organizations to go beyond normal achievements or the status quo. We help multinationals by focusing on innovation, research and development, and active pursuit of emerging opportunities to encourage outreach and collaboration.

As indicated earlier, our company also deals with community-based nonprofits. These organizations are unique because of their narrow scope of operations and small budgets. However, we still insist on providing services that will add value to their course. We specialize in helping such organizations to identify and target a special audience within a particular geographical location. We divert attention from the mainstream to more customized campaigns to give them access and partnership with a strategically profiled group.

Science and technology organizations write their communications in a manner that cannot be easily understood by ordinary members of the public. The communication contains terms and phrases that are specific to the discipline they are about. The vocabulary used is not common to everyone except those scientists who specialize in the field the article is about. Even the language style and tone are highly scientific. The ordinary audience finds the messages difficult to comprehend. They struggle to understand the writings and are forced to use more time and effort. In the long run, even after reading, the ordinary audience may still misunderstand or misinterpret the content of the publications. For these reasons, majority of the ordinary people lose interest in reading scientific reports. They not only find them complicated but also boring. Yet scientific communications contain valuable information that can help the public understand a wide range of natural occurrences. The articles empower the audience with knowledge that they can use for protection, innovation, and important decision-making. Our organization has realized the unfortunate situation where the public fails to engage and make use of professional reports. We seek to re-contextualize and simplify scientific writing in a manner that the public can easily comprehend.

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