A Conservation Cause Gets a New Website to Grow With

Nasaru-Olosho Conservancy is in southern Kenya’s Kajiado East Constituency. Nasaru Olosho aims to establish a governance and management system for the area that will allow people and wildlife to coexist within an integrated working landscape for the protection and strengthening of ecosystem services, facilitation of climate resilience, and delivery of practical and monetary benefits to the community of 15,000 people, in line with Kenya’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Client name:
Digital Transformation

Nasaru Olosho had a great mission and team but needed a website to spread the word for their cause. The new website needed to be able to keep up with rapid growth and be accessible in every way.

To meet these challenges, our team chose to build the website using WordPress. The fresh and colorful website features plenty of white space, attention-grabbing calls to action, and great imagery. We also integrated with Gravity Forms to make sure that the new Nasaru Olosho site will support their future endeavors, with room for growth in both information-gathering and communication efforts. To finish up, we optimized the website using technical SEO best practices to ensure the site could be found by its waiting audience. The Nasaru Olosho team is thrilled with the new website and eagerly set about making it their own.

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