Every Girl Deserves a Second Chance

Nyanza Initiative for Girls’ Education & Empowerment (NIGEE) envisions a society and a future of self-determining and self-reliant girls and women. NIGEE interventions target vulnerable adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) between 12 – 24 years and their children, where applicable, in four counties of the Nyanza region: Kisumu, Migori, Siaya, and Homabay. NIGEE considers the right to education as a bridge to other rights, as education gives girls and young women choices and the power to decide over their own lives and bodies.

Client name:
Digital Storytelling

Production of a video documentary and 10 stories on the Girls’ Empowerment Project’s successes.

Nyanza Initiative for Girls’ Education & Empowerment wanted to tell stories of change from Girls and Young Women (GYW) who have benefitted from its intervention. The stories of change were presented in the form of a documentary and booklet (Book of Stories) depicting videos, photos, and captions. The project focused on the lives of target beneficiaries and their journey before and after the project. More specifically, the project seeks to document the journey of project participants as teen mothers, economic empowerment activities, and how the power of girl-led advocacy has shaped societal norms against girls’ education and empowerment.

• Storyboard and script
• Submit a draft “Book of Stories” and a documentary for editing and approval.
• Submit all photos and video clips on an external hard drive.
• Submit a final soft copy of the book and documentary after approval.
• Print hard copies of the final photo booklet.

A film and a social media campaign that does more than just highlight NIGEE’s Girls and Young women empowerment and education centres, but takes the audience inside them, to understand why they work and how they are impacting the beneficiaries.

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