North Star Alliance Gets a new website in support of a safe and healthy transport corridor in Africa

North Star Alliance (North Star) is a public-private partnership that establishes a network of roadside health clinics known as blue box clinics or roadside wellness centers or clinics at major truck stops, transit towns, and border crossings to offer a practical, low-barrier and low-cost response to the transmission of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) among the key and priority populations. In practice, they convert shipping containers into Blue Box clinics, also known as Roadside Wellness Centres (RWCs), to provide health services to our target groups.

Client name:
North Star
Digital Transformation

The goals for their site included making something eye-catching, functional, and accessible, highlighting their wealth of information and resources on last-mile health. Web design for health NGOs in general focuses on developing a site that’s meant to serve as a constantly evolving resource, so an emphasis on the ease of maintenance and updatability was at the forefront of our work. Now, as their work continues, the North Star team will be able to customize and edit the site as their resources evolve.

We knew that Elementor would work best for providing the accessibility, editability, and designs that they wanted. We were able to create and implement fantastic designs focused on interactivity and ease of access, providing visitors with a straightforward way of navigating the site and seeking information. By taking advantage of Elementor’s features, we created various animations across the site that look great and allow for additional engagement with users.

We were also charged with migrating some of North Star’s content from their old site. We took the opportunity to create animations and custom designs for some of those pages as well, resulting in a central resource page that collects all of their blog posts and displays them in an easy-to-navigate way with the added functionality of segmenting them based on topic.

TWith all the new features, we think the final product is a great-looking site with lots of style and functionality.

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