Digital Transformation

We are building the future of nonprofits by bringing together a broad set of communication, digital, and technology capabilities.

Digital Storytelling Africa engagements are designed to deliver immediate value to clients while also building the capabilities, processes, and mindsets necessary to sustain a digital transformation. Having an effective digital transformation strategy allows you to connect with today’s audiences in a highly targeted, cost-effective manner. With your website as the foundation of your online presence, we can help you attract and engage your clients, donors, partners, and the general public.

Create your Perfect Nonprofit Website

Creating a nonprofit website plays a crucial role in supporting your vision and overall organization. Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned our process to foster a close working relationship with our non-profit clients. All of our website templates are mobile-optimized and responsive. We create WordPress projects because we want nonprofits to have sole ownership over their sites and be empowered to make future edits themselves.
Our services
• Web Design and Development
• Web content strategy & development
• UI and UX Design
• Search Engine Optimization
• CRM Integration
• Site Backup
• Web Security & Malware Cleanup

Software and Application Development
Digital Storytelling Africa provides a ‘bespoke software’ development service to assist organizations with specific software requirements that cannot be met using off-the-shelf packages. As your organization grows, you may find that standard software packages no longer meet your requirements or involve too many compromises that are a drain on resources. Our range of software is designed specifically with your nonprofit in mind. Our software will help you easily create reports, view your finances, process VAT and international payments, stay up-to-date on the latest financial legislation, grant management, and much more. You can count on our expertise and support for:
• Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
• Information Management System
• Document Management establish
• Knowledge Management and Research
• Project Management Tools
• HR Administration

Website Maintenance

We believe that keeping your website well-maintained and attractive is essential for you so that you will be able to engage and retain your audience and we don’t want you to cut corners and let a few tasks slide. At Digital Storytelling Africa, we focus on aspects such as the speed of the website to ensure that there are no delays. In the advent of increased cyber-attacks, we will also perform regular security scans on the website. We will also review previous information and statistics to make continuous updates.


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